From acoustic to electric, ballards to danceable tunes, classic to super futuristic songs, SHEKI is a brilliant, rare jewel in this world with her expansive world view and concrete singing skills, bold but detailed expressiveness that resonates in the soul,and dynamic performance skills that are sure to blow you away.

This jewel of an artist possesses a charm that can attract anybody and has a brilliant potential that anybody can see that she will shine even brighter in the future.She has the power to surpass all borders and barriers through her performances and unite the hearts of all who listen. 

Having learned the joy of singing at age 6, SHEKI boasts #1 for vocal abilities in all of the AKB48 groups spread across 12 locations all around the globe, and is active primarily in the US, Philippines, and Japan.

Since 2018, she has been a popular member of the MNL48 1st generation and has consistently been selected for the KAMI 7, and she even secured herself in the center position for three songs in a row. With her friendly, relatable smile, vocal prowess and dance skills combined with her strong stage presence, she is also active as the team leader.

From the winter of 2021, she has released 8 songs back to back, collaborating with AKB members across 8 territories and has received immense attention not just from Asia, but around the world.

And in December, 2022, all eyes of the world are on SHEKI as she makes her long-awaited solo debut!