Singer-Songwriter SHEKI ARZAGA has been playing a major role as a lead vocalist in MNL48Manila, Philippines) which since 2018 has been a very popular sister affiliate of AKB48, the all-female, theatre-based "idol" collective from Japan. Named after the Akihabara area in Tokyo, where the group's theater is located AKB48 is certified as the largest pop group in the world by The Guinness World Records.

All the fans know and have been talking about SHEKI ARZAGA  as the most skilled and talented member of all the AKB48 groups, which are divided into teams and spread across 12 locations in Asia with SHEKI ARZAGA being from the Manila, Philippines based MNL48. Since the winter of 2021, she has been building her own career, receiving praise by critics and the entire music industry. Her recent collaborations with 48 other groups across 8 regions gained immense attention, not only from Asia, but from around the world. Now with the strong support of her followers, SHEKI ARZAGA has assembled 5 top songwriters from the US, Korea and Japan to launch her own solo career.

This jewel of an artist possesses a charm that can attract anybody and her brilliant potential guarantees this rising star to shine even brighter in the future. SHEKI ARZAGA has the power to surpass all borders and barriers through her performances and unite the hearts of all who listen.

Having learned the joy of singing at age 6, SHEKI ARZAGA has been a popular 1st generation member of MNL48, and has consistently been selected for the KAMI7. The term Kami7 (God 7) describes the 7 most popular members of AKB48 per the fans. With her friendly, relatable smile, vocal prowess and dance skills combined with her strong stage presence, she is also active as the team leader.